Roger on a hard roll (tepes) wrote in eastandwest_egg,
Roger on a hard roll

Green Light Manifesto

So, what's Gatsby all about, anyway? Upon analysis of the book,

Overall Messages and Themes
- One cannot relive the past. Attempt to do so alters the fate of the parties involved and brings disastrous results.
- Old money v. Nouveau riche: classes are everything in Gatsby. The nature of Jay and Daisy's relationship is one example of how inter-class romances cannot fundamentally work. Daisy's understanding of her status is in stark contrast to Jay's "why can't it be like it was before" sentiment. The two schools of thought (old money and new money) are entirely different.
- "God would not allow these awful things to happen, therefore God does not exist." This notion is obvious to those who live in the Valley of Ashes; God has not existed for their entire lives. The only divine presence is the T.J. Eckelburg billboard, which watches over everything. Upon Myrtle's death, her husband openly laments God's absence.

- cars: future and past, new and old, rich and poor
- heat: pressure of adulthood (Nick's 30th birthday), pressure to conform
- green light: hope
- alcohol: social life, parties, escape
- colors/fashion: class (Daisy's white gloves and Jay's pink suit)

What do you guys think? What did you get out of the book?
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